If you’re considering a career in stage lighting—or you just want a lighting overview for your current gig—this is the 101 course you need.  

We’ll cover the fundamentals of modern stage lighting in a fun, fast-paced class led by a seasoned professional and a longtime educator. By the end of the day, you’ll understand how designers use light to create environments and heighten moods—plus, you’ll learn how to choose the right equipment to light people, scenery, backdrops, and more. 

You’ll learn:

  • How light creates mood, environments, rhythm, and more
  • The five ingredients of every great design
  • Which angles and colors work best in different situations
  • How to distinguish between light fixtures and choose the right ones for your design 
  • Tips for lighting people, scenery, and backdrops
  • What light is and why the science matters
  • Next steps to continue your education and begin a career in technical theatre

Stage Lighting Basics